Sunday, 28 October 2012

Pengwern Cask Marque - top beers from a top pub

It’s one thing to have a top class brewery but there’s a lot that can go wrong between the brewer and the pint you drink, especially with cask beer. It needs to be properly looked after all the way through to the final act of consumption.  This is why it makes sense to drink at Y Pengwern because they’ve been awarded the Cask Marque, an independent indicator of quality that looks into the temperature, aroma, taste and appearance of the beer. 
In case you want other reasons to drink at Y Pengwern, well .....

  1. Good selection of beers, many of which are very local and are switched on a regular basis
  2. Food is now served at weekends
  3. It’s a community pub with all profits reinvested into the venture
  4. The views are fantastic
  5. There’s a great programme of events

 You know it makes sense to drink at Y Pengwern.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Roll up! Roll up to the Pengwern.

Since March 2011 the community has owned the Pengwern Hotel and it is run democratically through a management board and board of directors elected annually by shareholders. The building was improved by means of voluntary work enabling the bar and function room to be reopened in May 2011. By July 2012 the kitchen was brought up to standard and the restaurant was opened for business.

Watercolour of the Pengwern by David Cox about 1830
by kind permission of the Martin Gregory Gallery, London
The vision is to restore and develop the Pengwern over time to create a first class resource; a pub, restaurant, hotel and eco-accommodation of high standard which will also be a social and educational centre. The aim is to provide local employment and a prosperous business with all the benefit coming to the community. This is part of a wider vision for the Ffestiniog area whereby local resources are developed by social enterprises, owned and run for the benefit of the area and the entire community. This way forward is becoming an example and an inspiration to communities throughout Wales.


The management board and directors of the Pengwern wish to express their gratitude to the residents of Llan Ffestiniog and to supporters everywhere for their ready and continuing support. There are several ways of helping the Pengwern:

1. Some 180 people have bought shares in the company, to the value of £33,000. The more shareholdings there are the greater the chances of succeeding with grant applications to develop the building. In order to finance the next phase of the development programme a target of an extra £5,000 in shares has been set. This will enable the detailed plans for the improvements to the buildings to go ahead. Thus, those who have already purchased shares are asked to consider adding to their investment in a business which has now proved its success. New shareholders, locally and nationally, are also invited to become part of this pioneering venture. The minimum shareholding is £100 and, as we are a co-operative company, each shareholder has one vote irrespective of the number of shares held.

2. One of the main aims of the Pengwern is to provide local employment opportunities. By July 2012 seven people were employed part time. Until such time that the business is fully developed the venture depends upon volunteers to do much of the work. More than 60 people have already contributed their labour freely in various ways; work on the building and garden as well as bar, cleaning and admin work and raising money, planning and organising. There are also opportunities to volunteer in several other ways such as marketing, with entertainment and with environmental, social, educational and cultural aspects of the venture.

3. Supporting the pub and restaurant and the hotel once the bedrooms have been done up. The success of the growing programme of entertainment and environmental, social and cultural events depends upon widespread support.

4. Becoming a Friend of the Pengwern at a membership cost of £1. The greater the membership the stronger are our applications for grants. Becoming a Friend enables us also to keep in touch about events and developments at the Pengwern.

If you want to get more information, buy shares or volunteer please contact: Y Pengwer, Sqwar yr Eglwys, Llan Ffestiniog, Gwynedd LL41 4PB. Tel: 01766 762200 email:

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Pengwern and Dduallt

Dduallt is one of several houses in the Vale of Ffestiniog that has been tree ring dated. At least eight houses in the area began construction within 30 years of 1530, presumably on the back of increased farming prosperity.

At Dduallt there were Lloyds or Llwyds in residence all the way through from the 1560s to 1903 but one of the unanswered questions is whether the Lloyds of the 1700s were the same family as the Lloyds of the 1800s.

The last reference to the early Lloyds was the baptism in Maentwrog of William Lloyd of Dduallt in 1793 who was the third son. The next reference was the 1832 Ffestiniog Railway Act which lists in the appendix the landowners against whom compulsory purchase orders could be served. The section of railway around Dduallt was owned by the trustees of the late William Lloyd. By 1842 Dduallt was owned by Lord Robert Ponsonby Tottenham, Bishop of Clogher, and rented out to a Richard Lloyd.

We recently found a new piece of the jigsaw from The Cambrian, the English language newspaper published from 1804 to 1930. 

It mentions that on 5th May 1814 William Lloyd, Esq. of Dduallt in the County of Merioneth attained his 21st year and that his friends and tenantry were sumptuously entertained at the Pengwern Arms in Ffestiniog.

Another connection is of course that Mel’s grandfather lived at Dduallt in the 1930s.