Sunday, 28 October 2012

Pengwern Cask Marque - top beers from a top pub

It’s one thing to have a top class brewery but there’s a lot that can go wrong between the brewer and the pint you drink, especially with cask beer. It needs to be properly looked after all the way through to the final act of consumption.  This is why it makes sense to drink at Y Pengwern because they’ve been awarded the Cask Marque, an independent indicator of quality that looks into the temperature, aroma, taste and appearance of the beer. 
In case you want other reasons to drink at Y Pengwern, well .....

  1. Good selection of beers, many of which are very local and are switched on a regular basis
  2. Food is now served at weekends
  3. It’s a community pub with all profits reinvested into the venture
  4. The views are fantastic
  5. There’s a great programme of events

 You know it makes sense to drink at Y Pengwern.

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