Sunday, 17 July 2011

This house belongs to you and I

The song on the opening night (8th July 2011) was written and sung by Iwan Morgan. It was performed in the style of ‘cerdd dant’ which is the presentation of poetry, usually to the accompaniment of the harp, where the harpist plays an air and the singer presents the words on a counter melody. The harpist plays before the singer strikes in, and the object is for both singer and harpist to end each verse together. This tradition is unique to Wales and has been part of our rich culture for centuries, possibly dating back to the Middle Ages.  

On this occasion the tune was 'Llwyn Onn' or 'The Ash Grove' and the harp was played by Dylan Rowlands known by many as Dylan Delyn (Dylan the harp).

The title of the song is 'This house belongs to you and I' and roughly translates as follows:

'Before the slate mines of Blaenau Ffestiniog were ever heard of,
and before quarrymen from north or south made for the place;
indeed, before its houses and streets were built
and before its climate was connected with mists and rain,
cattle drovers and their stock came over peat bog and moor
to spend the night in the shelter and warmth of Ffestiniog.'

'On fair and market days, 
many teemed to the 'Smithy' inn beside the 'llan' (church),
and Martha (Owens), the innkeeper, 
poured pints of her best ale for the merry drinkers.
She also provided relish and accommodation for all
who called at the inn to shorten their journey at the village.’

'Over the course of the years, 
the 'Smithy' became the 'Pengwern Arms.' 
That is how it was before its doors closed (in February 2009). 
But by today, the 'community' of the village 
have persevered to re-open the place,
hence 'this house belongs to you & I.' 


Cyn sôn am geudyllau y Blaenau, na thre
Lle cyrchai chwarelwyr o’r gogledd a’r de;
Cyn codi ei strydoedd a’i thai di-ben-draw
Na chysylltu ei hinsawdd â niwloedd a glaw,
Dôi porthmyn a gwartheg dros fawnog a rhos
I glydwch Ffestiniog i orffwyso’r nos.

I dafarn ‘Yr Efail’ oedd gerllaw’r llan
Ar ddydd ffair a marchnad - bu heidio i’r fan,
A Martha’r perchennog, tywalltai hi
Ei chwrw gorau i’r drachtwyr ffri;
Rhoes enllyn a llety dros gyfnod maith
I bobun a alwai i fyrhau’r daith.
Dros gwrs y blynyddoedd, daeth newid i’w rhan,
Daeth ‘Yr Efail’ yn ‘Bengwern’ yma’n y Llan,
Ac felly y bu, nes i’w drysau gau ...
Ond wele’r ‘gymuned’ fu’n dyfalbarhau
I’w hagor eto .... a dyma eu cri:
‘Mae’r tŷ hwn yn eiddo i ti ac i mi!’

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